Dolly G. Walker

In the late 1980s, I was invited by the managing editor of the Dictionary of Newfoundland & Labrador Biography to contribute biographies of select personalities. For a variety of reasons, some of my submissions were not included in the reference work. The one on Dolly G. Walker follows, with updates.

Walker, Dolly GolstonWALKER, DOLLY GOLSTON (1926-88). Overseer of the Newfoundland and Labrador District of the Apostolic Faith. Born Walnut Hill, Florida. Married Terry B. Walker on 17 February 1945. Walker held the office of youth leader, pastor and evangelist with the Apostolic Faith, a Pentecostal denomination headquartered at Portland, Oregon. In 1963 and 1974, she visited Newfoundland and conducted evangelistic meetings. In 1975, she relocated to Newfoundland, where she became overseer of the Newfoundland and Labrador District of the Apostolic Faith, succeeding Stanley Hancock. Church headquarters are located at Roddickton. Walker produced a book of gospel music, Channel of Blessing, and two audio cassettes based on that work. “The compilation of these Hymns,” she wrote in the Preface, “is the fulfillment of a dream Channel of0004I had as a young adult. Times through the years I felt an inspiration to write some of my thoughts, consecrations, prayers, testimony, etc., which you will find in this book.” She died of cancer on 18 August 1988 at Florida. Marjorie Reid (interview, 24 January 1994; letter, February 1994), D. G. Walker, Channel of Blessing (1988), souvenir funeral program for D. G. Walker (23 August 1988).

2 thoughts on “Dolly G. Walker

  1. This woman was my spiritual mother aside from my biological mother. She was a very special lady who impacted my life from a very young age! I still miss her!


  2. I so Remember her, and her Dedication to the Lord. One of the songs that stands out with me is Never No Never Grow Old. This song was sung many times, and myself and Lorraine just before or after she died sung it together at South Brook many years ago. Thank The Lord for your Service Reverend Walker, and with Gods Strength and Grace , will see you again someday.


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